All about me and jam!

My name is Naomi and I wanted a space to share my ideas. I simply create things in my spare time…my real job is being a teacher, which I love…so there’s little time for anything else during term time!

So my first post is all about jam!

I love making jam, usually a simple strawberry jam but it tastes so much better than shop bought! I started making jam a few years ago while I was studying to help me make some inexpensive, yet thoughtful, Christmas gifts. Jam was the present of choice that year. A nice jam jar with a cute piece of material or patterned paper finishes off the present beautifully.

I’ve also made chutneys but soon discovered that depending on the recipe you can end up with a linger chutney smell for a good week, which doesn’t please everyone you’re living with! Jam however just fills the home with fruity sweetness ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve kept making jam for the last few years, when I moved into my flat last year the freezer was full of strawberries! I like making jam from frozen strawberries as I find they mush slightly better, giving a good texture when the jam sets.

It’s so easy to make, give it a go!