Creative differences

When I said to my family I was starting a cake decorating course my sister-in-law very excitedly said that was great because now I could make all the kids birthday cakes! It’s a good thing I love my family!

My niece’s birthday arrived and she had many ideas about what she wanted on the top of her cake (my nephew had already had his first cake made by me, I’ll share that some other time) so her little brain went whirring….a horse, and a dragon, and 2 bears on the top please, oh and purple and blue spots all over…

Well I got to the stage where the cake was covered, the models were made, and all that needed to be done was to put the models on the top. I stopped and thought if this was my cake I would stop here, see the first picture? I was pretty happy with the simpleness and neatness of the spots, but it wasn’t my cake. Putting the models on the top made it for my niece, how could I not follow what she’d asked! So I learnt then that it’s the little touches on the cake, the extras things I might not add myself, that make the cake what my 6 year old niece wanted. She loved it so I was a happy auntie!