I am a teacher who likes to create things in my spare time. There’s not a lot of spare time when school’s on but during the holidays I make the most of the time I have!

I have been a keen baker since I was a little girl, learning how to bake from my mum and my granny…they taught me all their tips and I’m so grateful they were patient enough to teach me! Last year I started a cake class in the evenings as a little break from work (during 2 hours cake decorating you can’t think about anything else!) as I had just finished a post-graduate diploma and wanted to do something non-academic that I would enjoy. So my love of cake decorating has developed quickly, I’m not expert and I simply make cakes for family and friends as a favour or as gifts. I have no intention of starting any sort of business, this really is just for fun, I love teaching too much to give it up!

My mum also taught me to sew, so when I got my own sewing machine I was so happy even though I loved using her old machine!Β I really love to make things to give away as presents, as much as I enjoy the process of creating something, the best part is seeing the joy in someone’s face when they open their gift.

So that’s me! If you enjoy seeing what I share please comment, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚